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"Cloaked with style for pedophiles........"
Green Day's "Fashion Victim"

This community is for the darker, evil, sadistic, masochistic, and not too cheery work involving Willy Wonka and the gang. Fanfictions contain characters from the 2005 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Same basic principle for fanart, wallpapers, and anything else you can think of! Get the word out to your evil, nasty, slashy, friends! :D

Some rules to make sure everything runs smoothly:

1: No Flames or Arguments will be tolerated (Respect each other!)
2: All AGES WELCOME: But please read the rules concerning ratings and content!
3: Fanfiction involving underaged children is allowed.
4: Rape and non-consensual IS ALLOWED. *Duh!*
5: All fanfictions must contain characters from the movie as the main pairing. Other characters of your own making ARE allowed, but it cannot be the main focus.
6: Every post must have a dark quality, tone, mood: you won't find any happy-go-lucky stuff here. This community is for unpleasant themes or to bring out the evilness of these characters, and/or thrust evil upon them.
6: Image manipulations, icons, and all other LJ or Forum-based graphics are welcome.
7: Fan art is a must!
8: Fanfiction (Gen Fics all the way to Slash Fics) is welcome.
9: Please refrain from posting "Hi, I'm new here" posts...unless you have a fic or art to go with it.

If you're looking to read or post at a more general CatCF fan community, check out whangdoodles. If you're looking for the harder stuff, then you've come to the right place!

If you post arguments, flames, and/or any other kind of hurtful comment to another user, we will BAN you! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you're causing trouble, we will not hesitate to take action (though ONE warning may be given). We don't need that kind of hateful talk here! Keep it clean; be smart.

10: All fan fictions must be posted like this:

Characters or Pairings:
Rating: (Ex. G - PG - M - NC-17)
Disclaimer: (Ex. The characters portrayed are not my property but of R. Dahl, Tim Burton, and all of those other wonderful people who worked on the film.
Warning: (Ex. Under aged children in sexual situations, M/M Slash situations, Rape/Non-con, - and anything you might want to warn people about before they read)
Summary: A short statement about your narrative (Optional)
Notes / Betas / Thanks / Archive Notices and Cross Posts - if applicable

Then put the whole thing underneath an LJ cut. If you do not know how to make a cut, click here for livejournal's instructions.

11. The rules as far as posting Fan Art go;

Either put image behind and LJ CUT or simply post a direct link to the image. Do NOT post the whole image into the board because it takes up too much space.

Images with a rating of NC-17 are allowed (same restrictions apply as with fan fiction). Use Warnings!

12: Enjoy ^__^!!!


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